End of Times 
By Elle Hemmings (UK), Title by Ibrahim Dabo 
             (c) Copy write protected      -Sept/05/05-               
We wake to begin
our life is a struggle                            
sometimes happy, sometimes sad                               
make friends along the way                         
hope to see them everyday
only the strong survives                              
turbulant times ahead
some heroes are now dead.
End of times
To die like a flower in the frost
if we lose the one we love then we are lost
we lose our friend then that’s the end.
Church bells ringing
birds are singing
(happiness short-lived)
we pray to God for another day
with no suffering and sadness
only a day full of gladness
no terrorist, war and disaster
today and ever after.
no gales and floods
no tsunamis. Hurricanes.
planes crashing down
We wake each day to begin
whatever comes we accept it
the terrorists wont win
we wake each day to begin
tell what you are feeling
End of times, brings new meaning


Elle & Victor, while visiting The Gambia



God's Flag is Flying High - By Elle Hemmings (UK)



God's Flag is Flying High

Waving from the Sky

To all who pass by

If you look up high you will see it

Flickering in the breeze.                           

Way up above those tall trees.


It doesn't matter where in the planet

Gods Flag is Flying High

Way up there in the sky

In between Venus and Mars

Way up high amongst the stars

Next to the Sun and the Moon

"Sure you will see it soon."                     


Nothing can stop Gods Flag from flying

Nothing can stop the children crying


Like a fairytale

Oh so high

Gods Flag is flying in the sky.

PARADISE - By Miatta Dabo



The sea is blue

the water crystal clear

the sun burns high

up in the sky

the grass is green

the meadows lush

the animals wild

and free as ever

people are rich

in customs and traditions

Welcome to this paradise

this place we call our AFRICA.


Millions of stars enhance

the moon lit sky

the firewood crackles

in the open yard

Grandparents, parents

children and animals

gather round the fire

to share jokes and stories

Yes, they’re all tired

but happy and safe

Welcome to this paradise

                this place we call our AFRICA.

Luv Always - By Nata Taylor (Ghana)

I want you to always remember that
Wherever live takes you
Whatever dreams you follow,
However grown-up you are...
You'll always be my special someone...
And my love will always go with you.

Being apart from you
Isn't that easy
Because it's like we've got stars to cross
And moon to jump over.
Isn't it lonely out there without me?
Because it's lonely here without you...
That's why I'm sending you my love
That will give you life time happiness.

You are one in a million
A shinning star in the sky
That has lit my heart
Just to brighten up our love,
For better, for worse
In sickness and in health
To love and to cherish
Till death do we part?
I will always love you.


Do you remember all the promises we made
Promises of you and I together,
Loving each other forever?
I will never let anything come between us
No matter what situation
I find myself in,
Whether in rain or shine
I will always be there for you.


You are an angel with love
I can't stop loving you
Because you are always there for me
That's why I say
I will always love you.


The Feeling of Love -By Lady M (UK)


When I'm with you,
eternity is a step away,
my love continues to grow,
with each passing day.

This treasure of love,
I cherish within my soul,
how much I love you,
you'll never really know.

You bring joy to my heart,
I've never felt before,
with each touch of your heart,
I love you more and more.

Whenever we say goodbye,
whenever we part,
know I hold you dearly,
deep inside my heart.

So these seven words,
I pray you hold true,
"Forever and Always,
I will Love You."




LOVE -  By Miatta T. Dabo


Love can blind the eyes of truth

bring you joy when in distress

bring you hope and give you strength

to keep up with the thrills of life

and make you feel you are the one

the chosen one, the lucky one.


Love can overcome all fears

move all the mountains, dry all seas

make it easy as can be

to be the very best you can

and make you feel you are the one

the chosen one, the lucky one.


Love is but one path of life

we all must cross at different times

it may not be the same for all

and that’s what makes it so unique

and makes you feel you are the one

the chosen one, the lucky one.


MOVE ON- By Miatta T. Dabo


Stop being a victim

and spread out your visions

stop living in the past

and stretch out your ambitions

make the sky your limit

and reach out for a star

Anything is possible

if only you believe

You’re smart, you’re dedicated

you’re strong enough to do it

Don’t hold back on your courage

move on and be a winner

Go realize your dreams.

One Last Goodbye - By Miatta T. Dabo

 - 12/Oct./04 -

Sometimes I wish

You were still here

to hold my hand

and lead the way

to guide me and protect me

in times of danger and of fear.


Sometimes I wish

I could see your face

and hear your voice

just one last time

saying how much

you love and cherish me.


Sometimes I wish

I could have a chance

to tell you how much

I love you so

If only I had had the chance

to say one last goodbye.

 Life's Challenges -  By Ibrahim Dabo


Whenever dawn sets its pace

The daunting tasks  of a new day lie waiting

Naive people try to escape

Wise people battle difficult times


Life may seem stressful at times

But that's never the end

A brighter future lies ahead

Our courage and determination sees us through


Natural disasters injure us so badly

So have wars subdued peace of mind

Why should we seek to kill?

When we should merely live to heal


Until burning issues are addressed

Life would always remain the same

It's now time to wake up and decide

Whether or not our problems should ruin us.                     

Being black? - By Franklin Jobe (Gam)
Nature created me `dark`

`Science`perfected me African
The ancestral heritage in
Traditional African communalism
Nurtured me in to `manhood`
The Holy Bible moulds me
into the Christian values of
Being black I acknowledge?Oh!
I sojourn being black
Envious of all that spreads
and elapse so loudly
As white and Western civilisation
Not the expense of the dark
Being black of African descent
Originality cherished in her
Untapped art of Literature
Goegraphical artifacts
of her historical monuments
Immensely crystalised me
Dilutedly being black of my dark colours?

 Ibrahim & Grace (photo)

SILENT CRY... By Grace Taylor (U.K)
Our cries are not heard, the pain of our soul is not felt; the issues in life are not being solved, the call of our heart is silenced;

Throughout generations, from young & old, voices in the distance have been calling & now silenced and become so sold;

Why is it that we seek destruction, when ultimately we should merely seek to function;

In a world with so much to live for, we choose only to die for;

So pain accompanies us, sorrow embraces us, famine chokes us and hatred becomes us... Why all this hatred?

Do we not hear the cries in the wilderness?... Listen to what they are calling... stop... stop all this killing... ...the voices are silenced and we only hear the hearts that no longer function to love anymore... just filling...

Tell me why Nation should be against Nation, race against race, why brother should be against brother, hearts against hearts, blood against blood and my God against your God? Why...

Give ear to my heart and let us listen together to what it has to say... i plead with you... do not silence my cries anymore... reason with me... why don`t you...

Ask yourselves why we should shed blood for mother earth, when blood has already been shed once and for all for all mankind to live in this same earth, Do we belong to this earth or does this earth belong to us... oh but all these questions and yet no answers...

Let us stop asking; why must we kill each other and ask ourselves why must we learn to live for each other...